Amplify Texas Elementary Literacy Program

The Amplify Texas Elementary Literacy Program is specifically designed for Texas students and is built on the Science of Reading. The program is designed to meet 100% of standards, but it includes specific content for K–2 skills that may be used separately as a supplement to other curriculum. The program is comprised of skills units specifically focused in K–2 and knowledge domains for grades K–5. 

Midland ISD Campuses utilizing this Texas Literacy Program include: 

  • Burnet
  • Bush
  • DeZavala
  • Jones
  • Henderson 
  • Lamar
  • Long
  • Pease
  • Scharbauer
  • South

View units and modules: Amplify Texas Elementary Literacy Program K–5 | K–2 Skill Units

More information regarding Amplify Texas Elementary Literacy can be found here.