COVID-19 Updates Related to SRP and Drills

Posted by Jeff Horner on 7/30/2020

All requirements for drills notated in the Campus EOP Template continue to be requirements for 2020-2021.  These are legislatively mandated and have not been given a respite based on COVID-19 circumstances.


When conducting required drills, please use the following guidance from the Texas School Safety Center:

  • Drills should be carried out as close to how they would be carried out in an actual emergency, while still allowing for COVID-19 mitigations.
  • A fire or active threat situation poses an imminent or substantial threat to life and must take precedent over the possible health risk.
  • In the event of an actual fire the imminent or substantial threat to life takes precedence over COVID-19.
  • Once there is no longer imminent or substantial threat to life, then COVID-19 precautions should once again rise up in level of importance.


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