Student experiment set for launch into space

Student experiment set for launch into space

MHS seniors created experiment in Go For Launch program



March 7, 2024 — The Go For Launch student team from Midland High School is anxiously awaiting the launch of their experiment into space, set for later this month.


MHS seniors Alyssa Urbina, Catalina Rodriguez, and  Ulisses Hernandez (pictured L-R) made the experiment during the Go For Launch program in the fall of 2022. Their experiment was selected to be launched into space on the SpaceX-30 and be tested at the International Space Station.


The experiment to be conducted involves testing the iron levels of fruit flies based on various diets. The purpose is to determine whether an astronaut's diet, and resulting change in iron levels, can help reduce the effects of microgravity on bone density.


Alyssa and her mother will be in Cape Canaveral, Florida next week when the experiment is set to launch into space from the Kennedy Space Center.


"I'm super excited about the trip," said Alyssa, who says she wants to pursue aerospace engineering in college. "The whole process has been a really cool opportunity to use our own creativity and do our own research on a topic we love."


The MISD team's selection in the program is an example of the district's commitment to providing state-of-the-art STEM instruction.


This opportunity is possible through the support of the Midland Development Corporation and Chevron, who were instrumental in bringing Go For Launch to Midland. Other success stories from the program include LHS student Briana Ortiz who was selected to attend the International Space School in Australia after participating in Midland Go For Launch


This project aligns itself with the growing space industry in West Texas surrounding the Midland International Air and Space Port at the Spaceport Business Park. 


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