Midland ISD robotics programs to expand to all grades

Midland ISD robotics programs to expand to all grades

Donation to help provide opportunities for all students



December 8, 2023 — Midland ISD is proud to announce a significant expansion of its robotics programs, which will soon encompass all grades and schools within the district.


This development marks the realization of MISD's vision to implement a comprehensive PK-12 robotics program that includes FIRST LEGO League and FIRST Tech Challenge. These programs will nurture students in the fields of robotics, engineering and technology. 


This initiative aims to achieve several key objectives:

  1. Integration of FIRST LEGO Leagues and FIRST Tech Challenges into the robotics curriculum at all grade levels to ensure a competitive learning experience.
  2. Consistent teacher training to provide the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively guide students in state-of-the-art robotics.
  3. Enhance students' robotics, teamwork and problem-solving skills to empower them to develop and thrive in an increasingly tech-driven world.
  4. Develop a culture of lifelong learning, innovation, and leadership through robotics education.

Expanded robotics programs will include teams for students as young as fifth grade this year, and as young as first grade next year, ensuring that students will have the opportunity to have their interests and skills nurtured.


FIRST LEGO Leagues are already formed, and competitions have begun! FIRST LEGO League is a comprehensive program that uses LEGOs to teach robotics and STEM concepts to students of all ages.


In the coming months, MISD will recruit teachers to lead the robotics programs across the district. Comprehensive training will include a curriculum tailored to each grade grouping. Campuses are currently identifying spaces to serve as labs to provide hands-on robotics experiences.


This expansion has been made possible through a generous donation from Pioneer Natural Resources and reinforces the district's commitment to fostering innovation and STEM education.


“Pioneer has a storied history of supporting STEM education, as we believe in its transformative power," said Pioneer President, COO, and CEO Designate Rich Dealy. "We are proud to sponsor the MISD First Robotics program which enables students to build on their passion for innovation, while simultaneously helping to pave the way for the students’ future success and developing a strong workforce for the Permian Basin’s future.”


MISD is grateful for the support of Pioneer Natural Resources and eager to begin this journey in STEM education. 


"The expansion of our already stellar robotics programs will pave the way for even more opportunities and achievement for our students," said MISD CTE Director Jeff Horner. "Robotics education promotes innovation at all levels, propelling our students toward a successful future."


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