MISD building pipeline to begin teacher recruitment in college

MISD building innovative teacher recruitment pipeline

Aspiring teachers will get in-classroom experience starting freshman year of college

September 21, 2023 — Most teachers don’t go very far geographically from the town in which they were raised. Knowing this, Midland ISD is focusing on recruiting educators from the Midland-Odessa area.

New this year to the district, the Department of Talent Development is building pipelines to recruit teachers before they’re even certified.

“Knowing that most teachers tend to stay near their homes, we’re working with the University of Texas Permian Basin on getting students rich classroom experience starting with their freshman year of college,” said Jessie Garcia, Executive Director of Talent Development. 

Garcia and her team are in the process of finalizing the pipeline, which features four apprenticeship levels.

During their freshman and sophomore years, selected students will work as registered apprentices. In August, the US Department of Labor approved MISD to sponsor a Registered Apprenticeship Program for teachers. The approval makes MISD one of only a few districts in Texas to have access to this recruitment and training tool.

Apprentices will provide instructional support alongside certified teachers and get firsthand experience and will receive strong guidance every step of the way. Plus, apprentices will be paid for their work.

MISD’s goal is for students to advance into a yearlong residency in their junior year. Similarly to  Opportunity Culture, residents will co-teach the whole year in classrooms — and get paid for their work.

“It’s like a yearlong interview for prospective teachers and campuses,” Garcia said. “The hope is to establish a great relationship between the resident and the campus so that the resident joins the campus as a teacher.”

In their senior year, students will become classroom instructional facilitators (CIF). The biggest part of this experience? 

“CIFs go from co-teaching to leading their own classroom,” Garcia said. The CIFs are also assigned a Supervising Teacher, who serves as a guide, role model and source of support, helping them navigate the complexities of the teaching profession and providing them with the tools and resources they need.

“All students through the program will get plenty of guidance,” she said. “Especially important will be the consistent, bitesize bits of feedback they’ll receive from their instructional coach. Students will never be left wondering if they are effective educators.”

With more responsibility comes higher pay. Residents and CIFs will be paid through money that the district allocates for available teaching positions each year. Students will work in classrooms with teacher vacancies. 

MISD plans to launch this pipeline in Spring 2024. A pipeline for principals is already in place, and one for other staff roles such as counselors and diagnosticians are being developed. It’s a unique approach, particularly for recruiting teachers.

“We’re doing a lot of work that districts aren’t doing yet,” Garcia said. “Getting students into the classroom throughout their entire college journey will better prepare them for when they join us as certified professionals.

“Improving teacher outcomes improves student outcomes, and if we can grow our own in Midland, our entire community will be all the better for it.”


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