MISD students get digital devices to call their own — free of charge

MISD students get digital devices to call their own — free of charge

1:1 technology initiative expands to let students keep their learning devices


August 23, 2023 — Midland ISD announced in 2021 that it had achieved its goal of affording all students access to their own digital learning device. For the 2023-24 school year, the district reached another milestone.

MISD is a 1:1 technology district, meaning all students have access to a device. Previously, each student could effectively borrow a device from the district during the school day. Now, they will have a device to call their own — free of charge. 

“As learning increasingly happens in a digital environment, curricula have moved to devices such as iPads and Chromebooks,” said Fatima Muñiz, Executive Director of Technology. “Because of this, it’s critical that students have access to a device without the hassle of checking one in and out. It’s theirs to take home and will follow them for many years as they advance grade levels.”



Chromebooks in particular will help students prepare for state-mandated assessment testing, which for most students takes place on a computer. 

“Getting students familiar with basic computer tasks such as typing, dragging and dropping will go a long way in making sure they’re ready to take these important tests,” Muñiz said. But prep for the big test isn’t the only benefit. “Practically all careers involve some type of digital technology, and getting students trained in tech is a critical component of preparing them for college or career.”

This preparation starts early — very early.

Kindergartners and first graders use iPads, while second graders and up use Google Chromebooks. The average use cycle for a device is four to five years, which means these devices will follow students across grade levels. 



All devices are managed by MISD using GoGuardian to keep track of student activity and ensure that each device provides a safe learning experience. This includes Beacon, which notifies staff of potential threats of self-harm or harm to others. 

“We take student safety very seriously, including in a digital learning environment,” Muñiz said.


Replacements and Repairs

Malfunctions and accidents happen, and sometimes devices go missing. 

“Students have to be mindful that their device is indeed theirs, and they have to take care of it,” Muñiz said. “It’s a great lesson in responsibility.”

Some repairs just aren’t possible. The worst Muñiz has ever seen: “Chocolate milk for sure. There’s just no repairing a laptop that’s been covered in chocolate milk.”

Students will receive a loaner device while MISD staff attempts to repair devices in-house. Parents have the option of purchasing insurance from a third-party to cover the cost of repairs and replacements; otherwise, they will have to pay a fee.


A Device to Call Their Own

No matter their background, each student will now have a device to call their own.

“Digital technology is so ubiquitous that it’s critical for all students to have a device in their hands,” Muñiz said. “They’ll carry what they learn with them throughout their lives, and much of what they learn will happen in a digital environment no matter where they are in the world.”



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