Bond committee reaches consensus on recommendation

Bond committee reaches consensus on recommendation

Members follow recommendations in community survey


June 20, 2023 — On Tuesday, the Bond Planning Committee met for its final meeting. Members hammered out what they will recommend to the board next month.


The committee will recommend two propositions, both for the November 2023 election.

Proposition A includes:

  • The construction of brand new Midland Senior High School and Legacy Senior High School campuses.
  • The updating of the current Legacy Senior High and Midland Freshman campuses for conversion to middle schools. MISD current four middle schools will also see renovations.
  • The updating of safety and security at campuses district-wide.

Proposition B includes:

  • The construction of a brand new elementary school in the Lone Star Trails area of northeast Midland.
  • General maintenance to campuses across the district.

The tally for Proposition A is $1.361 billion, or about $37 per month for the average homeowner. The tally for Proposition B is $317.2 million, or about $11 per month for the average homeowner.


Committee members aren’t the only voices contributing to what a school bond should look like. The committee heard what the community at large had to say, and took survey feedback to heart when developing its recommendation.

Early results from the district’s community feedback survey clearly indicate a passion for building brand new Midland High and Legacy High campuses to ensure that these comprehensive high schools can accommodate future growth. In addition, new high schools should have ninth graders. Currently, ninth graders are at freshmen-only campuses.

In addition, respondents generally feel that students aren’t being educated in safe and modern learning spaces and that the condition of existing facilities is poor.


Survey respondents thus far have also made clear that their preferred time to call a bond election is in November 2023. They also indicated that any bond should be broken up into multiple propositions rather than a single ballot that includes everything.

The survey closes Friday, June 30, and can be taken at


Committee members will present their recommendation to the Board of Trustees at the regular monthly school board meeting on July 25.


The Bond Planning Committee’s goal is to develop and recommend to the Midland ISD Board of Trustees a bond plan that addresses these facilities issues and prepares the district for future enrollment growth, evolving instructional programs and preventive maintenance.

The committee was formed after MISD’s Long-Range Planning Committee recommended to the board nearly unanimously Feb. 9 that one should be formed. Their conclusion was informed in part by a demographic study showing that MISD's aging facilities, particularly its high schools, cannot support the rapid and persistent growth the community is facing. The Long-Range Planning Committee began its work in August 2021 and presented initial recommendations to the Board of Trustees in November 2022.