35 MISD Musicians Earn All-Region Honors

35 MISD Musicians Earn All-Region Honors
Four named distinguished "First Chair"
October 15, 2021 — A total of 35 MISD students from Midland and Legacy High Schools have been named to the All-Region Orchestra. The students earned the recognition at the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) event October 9 in Abilene.
Musicians from 77 school districts competed, including those from Midland, Odessa, Abilene, and Wichita Falls. A total of 57 MISD students participated in the competition, with 35 earning the All-Region designation.
Additionally, four were also honored as "First Chair" for their respective instruments:
  • Jose Alvarez: LHS Senior - 2nd violin - Symphony
  • Camila Maldonado: LHS Sophomore - Viola - Philharmonic
  • Yuki Soda: Abell 8th-Grade - Cello - Philharmonic
  • Elizabeth Babbel: LHS Junior - Piano - Symphony and Philharmonic
"These competitions really help the students advance in their musical ability and technique," said MHS Orchestra Director Nikesha Hailey. "They practice very specific skills, and have the opportunity to play with directors from across the region, which broadens their musical knowledge and cultural diversity."
"Our students put in countless hours from early morning sectionals to after school help sessions," said LHS Orchestra Director Beau Garza. "The progress from start to finish speaks volumes of each student's focus, character and drive to be a great musician."
In all, 24 musicians from Legacy, and 11 from Midland High School were named All-Region. Qualifying students will move on to the All-State competition in February.
LHS All-Region Orchestra
Jose Alvarez
Ryan Tarango
Audrey Perez-Gardea
Abran Martinez
Zach Frazier
Eliana Ballinas
Miranda Yang
Abril Gonzalez-Canino
Corissa Perez
Ninel Fuentes
Michelle Gutierrez
Richard Werner
Camila Maldonado
Jordan Casey
Johnathan Lopez
Emily Fulton
Kendra Valeriano
Bryson Baylor
Katherine Cook
Ashton Altman
Yuki Soda
Ryeli Williams
Ryleigh Moore
Elizabeth Babbel
MHS All-Region Orchestra
Justin Barnwell
Alyssa Dominguez
Daniela Salinas-Reyes
Elaynah Aranda
Elizabeth Brown
Adrian Burciaga Jr.
Ayanna Evina-Ze
Carly Pinson
Jenna Prizer
Lucas Pruessner
Logan Wagner
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