MISD to install LED lighting district-wide

MISD to install LED lighting district-wide
New fixtures will save taxpayers millions
September 23, 2021 — The Midland ISD Board of Trustees has given the green light to new, cost-saving LED lighting throughout the district. The project will include retrofitting all existing fluorescent and incandescent lighting both inside and outside.
"Adding this state-of-the-art lighting will be a huge upgrade to all of our campuses and other facilities," said Kellie Spencer, Chief of Administrative Services. "Our schools and classrooms will look and feel more modern. The impact on the learning environment will be tremendous."
The exterior lighting will have an impact as well, as the District Safety and Security committee recently identified outdoor and parking lot lighting as a top priority.
The new LED lighting will present a major savings to the annual budget for years to come. The approved contract will cost the district just under $2.78 million, but is expected to result in an overall savings of over $8 million over ten years by increasing energy efficiency and lowering power costs. Financial benefits include:
  • An annual savings of nearly $500,000 in electricity costs.
  • An annual savings of nearly $50,000 in lightbulb replacement costs.
The majority of bulbs included in the project are linear tubes, but installation will also include high bay lights, can lights, exterior post lights, wall packs, and occupancy sensors. Each of these light fixtures come with a 5 or 10-year warranty.
The contractor for the project is Fort Worth-based Aquila Environmental, which has performed similar installations for Greenwood ISD, Plano ISD, Texas Christian University (TCU) and many others.

The photo above shows a hallway in the District Service Center. The left side is lit with the old fluorescent lighting and the right side with the new LEDs.
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