LHS Student Accepted to Harvard

January 27, 2021 — A Lee High School senior has several options when it comes to selecting a college. One of them: Harvard.
Pranav Ganta received the acceptance letter last month.
"I've applied at several Universities, and this was just the first one I've heard back from," said Ganta, who's also waiting to hear from Princeton, Stanford, MIT, and Yale. "It could be into March before I hear from all of them and am able to narrow down my final selection."
The opportunity to attend one of the top colleges in the world didn't come without effort. Aside from a laundry list of achievements including a 4.81 GPA, captain of the debate team, fluency in three languages, and frequent volunteering, Ganta even wrote a biology guidebook for children.
"I focus on educational enrichment and distributing books to underserved populations to help increase their access to STEM education," he said. So far, he says he's given away more than 1,000 of the books to at-risk children and their families.
"He works so hard at his studies," said LHS Principal Shannon Torres, "...but still keeps his schedule so he has time for his many other enrichment activities that benefit him, our campus, and the community."
"While the rest of us are binge-watching Netflix, he's writing books and starting non-profits," said Joshua Wimberley "He's a once-in-a-generation kind of student."
Ganta credits people like Wimberley, his debate coach, with creating a positive atmosphere at LHS that breeds success.
"It's very collaborative," Ganta said. "The classes, student clubs, teachers taking time to meet with students - it all comes together to create a well-rounded education where students have the ability to pursue their interests and excel."
Once Ganta does pick a college, he says he plans to study neuroscience and later pursue a PhD or MD.
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