Midland ISD Now 1:1 Technology District

January 26, 2021 — Midland ISD has achieved its goal of affording every student in the District access to their own learning device. Over the past week, more than 12,000 learning devices were delivered to campuses, including 8,167 Chromebooks and 4,356 iPads.
"This is amazing to see," said Principal Amber Harmon, whose Jones Elementary campus received Chromebooks Tuesday. "Especially for the students who have limited access to technology at home, this can really make a difference."
The new devices are a part of the 1:1 Technology Initiative, a nationwide effort to increase student access to technology.
"Even before COVID hit, this project was already underway," said Chief Operations Officer Kellie Spencer. "Having to close campuses in the spring just reinforced the need to provide devices for every student."
By the time school started, the devices had been ordered, thanks in part to a grant from the City of Midland. Increasing access to technology can help students achieve greater success in the classroom.
"Technology, when integrated into the curriculum, revolutionizes the learning process and improves students' learning outcomes," Spencer said. "Achieving a student-to-device ratio of 1:1 aligns perfectly with the district's mission that all students will graduate prepared and ready for college or career."
The devices, along with charging stations, were taken to each schools' library, where they can be checked out by students. This not only benefits the students, but helps campuses track the use of each device.
Chromebooks will be used by students in grades 2-12, while pre-K through first graders will work with iPads.
In addition to a device for every student, the 1:1 Technology Initiative also provides a device for every teacher in the District.
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