MISD Trustees Seek Community Feedback on Proposed Goals

December 4, 2020 — The Midland ISD Board of Trustees is in the process of updating its benchmarks for student success through 2023 and is seeking the public's feedback.
Trustees discussed the new measurements at their workshop Tuesday, Dec. 1, which is available to watch at www.midlandisd.net/stream. Goal setting is done in accordance with the TEA's Lone Star Governance. Its purpose is to improve student outcomes in a measurable way. Goals were last set in 2017.
Of particular focus in the board's new goals is improving the reading performance of students in pre-kindergarten through second grade. In Goal 1, the percentage of second-grade students on track to read at grade level or above will increase from 75% to 76% by August 2023. This progress will be measured with an assessment tool such as Istation.
Reading continues as a priority in Goal 2, which states that all third- through eighth-grade students earning a "meets" or "masters" level on the STAAR reading test will increase from 36% to 48% by August 2023.
Goal 3 targets success in math for third- through eighth-graders by increasing the percentage of students at the "meets" or "masters" level on STAAR from 39% to 51%.
The fourth and final goal focuses on the graduation rate. The proposed goal looks to improve the graduation rate from 89.7% to 94% for the class of 2023.
The board is also considering a pair of constraint measures, which are specific operational actions that are not used or allowed and are aligned. The first constraint ensures that all campuses fully implement professional learning communities. The second focuses on reducing the number of F campuses from nine to two by September 2023, starting with a reduction to no more than four failing campuses by September 2021.
Community members can share their feedback about the proposed goals at www.midlandisd.net/boardgoals.
The board will vote on its goals at their monthly meeting, which will take place 5:30 p.m. Monday, Dec. 14, at the Bowie Fine Arts Academy auditorium, 805 Elk Ave. The meeting will stream live at midlandisd.net/stream.
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