November Board Meeting Preview

The Board will say thank you to the United Way of Midland for its generous donation of $25,000 to MISD's new Family Support Center. The Family Support Center is a place where families can turn for resources. Look for more information soon.
Lamar Elementary will be recognized for two important distinctions. The campus was recently named a National Showcase School by Capturing Kids' Hearts. This reflects data showing improvements in campus culture and student discipline. Only 286 schools nationwide received this honor.
Lamar is also being recognized as one of only 42 schools in the state approved as a Solution Tree Model PLC School. This reflects a commitment to PLC concepts, and three years of improved student data.
The Board will hear presentations and be asked to approve improvement plans for all campuses. Campuses which received a "D" or "F" rating from the Texas Education Agency have created targeted improvement plans that identify pivotal goals and priorities for the school year, through the assistance of a Region 18 facilitator.
The Board will hear a report on the District's newest program: Literacy Initiative Teams (LIT). This initiative aims to provide a response to students and campuses in need of literacy improvement. The District is already in the process of hiring LIT tutors who will provide critical reading enrichment for the students who need it. Tutors were sought from the community, and 66 community members have indicated that they are willing and able to assist us in the vital pursuit. Next steps include assigning tutors to campuses, and outlining goals of the program.
November's Board meeting will be held at Bowie Fine Arts Academy, located at 805 Elk Avenue. The meeting will be open to the public, but social distancing will be enforced and masks will be required. Those wishing to speak may sign up prior to the start of the meeting. The meeting will be streamed live, and then archived at, but you must be present to speak during the public comment period.