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LHS Redo Policy (Non-AP Classes)

It is the goal of teachers to promote student success and when a student does not succeed on a summative assessment a redo assessment may be requested. If a student receives a failing grade on a summative assessment the student may request from his/her teacher a redo assignment. The following criteria must be met in order to qualify for a redo assignment:

  1. The student must have made a significant effort on the original test. Significant effort is defined as:
    • No randomly marked answers and
    • All work/questions are attempted and
    • Work is meaningful and represents deliberate thought.
    • Work turned in on time.
  2. The student must complete a reasonable intervention measure as prescribed by a teacher with the aim of improving mastery of the topics covered within the allotted time.
  3. The student will have *4 school days from the date of notification of the grade (via in class notification or online grading system) to request, schedule, and take a redo assignment.



Once the above criteria are met the teacher will administer the redo at the prearranged time.  The following do not qualify for redo:

  1. Assessments that students refuse to initially take in class.
  2. Courses that qualify for college credit (specifically dual credit or advanced placement courses) do not qualify for redo assignments.
  3. Redo not completed by the end of the six week grading period (The Wednesday prior to the end of the grading period on Friday)

The opportunity to redo/retake shall exist for major grades included in a student’s average except for semester exams and district assessments. The maximum grade awarded on a redo/retake is 70. Failure to complete the prescribed intervention and/or meet the timeline established by the teacher will result in the student receiving the original grade awarded.  Teachers may choose to offer additional redo opportunities for minor or major grades at their PLC's discretion. 

*In the event of student absences, the district makeup policy applies.  In the event of teacher absences, departmental and campus systems will be utilized to appropriately request, schedule and redo the assignment or the period of time will be extended one day for every day of teacher absence. In the event these types of absences would extend redo past the last day of the grading period, an Incomplete may be approved by the principal and all UIL rules apply to eligibility.


AP and Dual Credit classes are not subject to the redo policy. Please refer to your teacher's syllabus for more information.