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August 18, 2020


Dear MISD Students and Families:


We are as excited as you are to begin our 2020-21 school year.  As we launch the year with Midland ISD Online Academy or At-Home Instruction (4 weeks), we are ready to meet the needs of our students and their families. What follows is important information to ensure students and parents understand what school will look like and feel like.



Students enrolled in the Midland ISD Online Academy will begin the school year August 19 along with all other campus students engaged in At-Home Instruction. Students will engage in friendly and accelerated learning each day. Each student will log into their Google Classroom and be welcomed by a campus teacher(s). Each teacher takes daily attendance by seeing your child log on, whether the schedule is synchronous (at the scheduled class time) or asynchronous (at a different time later in the day). 


Midland ISD Online Academy and At-Home Instruction

Technology devices are needed for participation in Google Classroom, and we will work with you to ensure you and your child have the tools necessary for success. If you are in need of a device or a mobile hotspot, please fill out our Technology Checkout Request Form  or call 432-240-7000 as soon as possible so we can help meet your child’s needs.



We are here to provide quality assistance and gain feedback to support your child’s learning. You and your child can reach out to us by email, phone, or Google Classroom.  We also have HELP chats set up for answering questions each day from 5 p.m. until 6 p.m. for the first 5 days.  Here is the virtual chat link (or free conference calling link and code). 


We look forward to seeing everyone (virtually) on Wednesday!



Henderson Elementary