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Fasken students' philanthropic hearts beat strongly

Fasken students' philanthropic hearts are beating strongly!

Fasken Elementary honored school board member Bryan Murry by raising money to support pancreatic cancer research and collecting funds to help the visually impaired.

Students raised about $600 for The Seeing Eye, Inc., an organization that trains dogs to assist those who are bind or of low vision. As part of the donation, The Seeing Eye will name a puppy Murry in honor of the school board member. Local Seeing Eye representative Douglas Newsome, with his dog Emmett in tow, spoke to students about how critical their donation will be. "Having a seeing eye dog if you're low vision or blind makes a big difference because it grants a person greater independence and self-confidence."

Fasken students, in partnership with Fasken Oil & Ranch, also raised $1,631.12 in the school's second year of helping fund pancreatic cancer research. The donation will be made to the American Cancer Society in memory of Sandra Murry, Bryan Murry's mother.

Thank you, Fasken students, for your immense generosity!


Bryan Murry poses with Fasken students and Doug Newsome

Doug Newsome's seeing eye dog Emmett relaxes before the event

Doug Newsome of The Seeing Eye talks with Fasken students

Bryan Murry accepts a recognition that seeing eye dog will be named Murry