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Bush Elementary honors president with murals, video

If you've been to Bush Elementary recently, you've probably seen a few new additions in the hallways. To honor the influence of former President George H. W. Bush, for whom the school was named, a pair of murals were painted on the walls. Students also made a video for the Bush family that features the murals.

Walk in the front door, and you can't miss the colorful "Challenge Accepted" work, a nod to the Bush Elementary Challengers team name. Artist James Ozuna and his partner painted the work in a style à la Southern California graffiti art. Ozuna's second mural around the corner is a black-and-white stencil of Bush. The visage is so realistic that our district photographer says his camera's special eye-autofocus feature locks right on to the president's eye, even though it's a painting.

Sixth-grade teacher Abbey Keating and her students created a video tribute that highlights the former president's biography. You can watch the video on YouTube here:

George H. W. Bush's legacy will be felt for generations, and we thank everyone who came together to help keep his legacy alive at Bush Elementary.


Murals at Bush Elementary