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Standard Attire Fall 2020 Update

Abell, Alamo, Goddard, San Jacinto, LFHS, and MFHS remain standard attire campuses; however, because we understand that our families are encountering a range of challenges, we will extend grace and flexibility in our requirements as outlined below. 

Shirts / Sweaters/ Sweatshirts / Hoodies: 

  1. Must be a solid color with the exception of campus / feeder high school spirit shirts or college shirts 
  2. Students may not wear hoods on their heads inside the school buildings. 


  1. Any color pants, shorts, skirts, or jeans
  2. Cannot be excessively short
  3. Cannot be excessively tight
  4. Cannot be leggings or tights 
  5. Cannot be ripped jeans or jeans with holes above the knees


  1. Can be printed, but cannot be inappropriate
  2. Cannot be bandana print and/or red or blue


District Dress Code Guidelines

Prohibited clothing includes all clothing that is or has:    

  • See through    
  • Excessively short  
  • Excessively tight  
  • Bare at the midriff (torso must be covered)    
  • Strapless  
  • Worn lower than the intended design of the clothing  (“sagging”)
  • Promotions or advertises violence, illegal drugs, alcohol, gangs, hate speech, profanity or pornography    
  • Images or language that creates a hostile or intimidating environment based on any protected class or consistently marginalized group