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Summer School

2019 MISD Accelerated Summer Academy (ASA) Grades 9-12

Description: The program will provide an opportunity for students that were unsuccessful at reaching "Approaches" on the following STAAR tests:

  • Algebra
  • Biology
  • English I
  • English II
  • US History

Coleman students:            Coleman High School, 1600 E. Golf Course Road
MFHS and MHS students:   Midland Freshman High School, 101 E. Gist Ave.
LFHS and LHS students:    Lee Freshman High School, 1400 E. Oak Ave.

Registration: Each campus will register their students at their home campus *May29-June 3. Freshman students will be prioritized for Algebra I acceleration while sophomores will be prioritized for English I and/or II course acceleration. Counselors will guide students through the registration process.

Student Dates:

  • Registration on local campus 5/29-30 (8:30-4:00)
  • Courses begin 6/3 and go Monday through Thursdays through June 20 (9am - 12pm)
  • Testing June 24-27
    Photo IDs are required to test

Test Days:

  • June 24: English I
  • June 25: Algebra, Biology
  • June 26: English II
  • June 27: US History


Will transportation be provided? Yes, but only as needed. Information will be given to parents at registration.

When is summer graduation? August 19, 2019

Can I register for a course that is for Credit Recovery? Credit Recovery Courses are done through the A+ Learning Platform at MHS, LHS and CHS. Students that need Accelerated Instruction for EOC will have the opportunity to gain credit for those classes. Credits needed for recovery that are not available through Accelerated Instruction will be taken at LHS or MHS, Monday through Thursday, June 3 through June 20. ECHS students wanting to participate in credit recovery will attend LHS or MHS according to their home campus and address.

If I'm not an MISD student, can i attend the 209 Summer Academy? This program is not available for students who are not enrolled in MISD as of the last day of school.

Can I take an EOC without attending the 2019 Accelerated Summer Academy? All students who have not met "approaching grade level" on an EOC exam must attend the Accelerated Summer Academy. Students may take the EOC without attending the Academy, but it is not recommended.

Do I need a photo ID to take an EOC during the summer retesting? Yes, a photo ID is required to test.

I am not enrolled at a school but need to test on STAAR. Who should I contact? For questions regarding out-of-school testers, please contact Terri Coleman, midland ISD Assessment Coordinator, 432-240-1257 or email