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State Nutrition Policy

State Nutrition Policy
New State Nutrition Guidelines have veen issued by the Texas Department of Agriculture to districts and became effective August 1, 2004.  Please note definitions
to help understand the new guidelines.  The complete guidelines may be accessed at the TDA website:
Competitive Foods Definition
Foods and beverages sold or made available to students that compete with the school's operation of the National School Lunch program, School Breakfast program and/or After School Snack Program.  This definition includes, but is not limited to, food and beverages sold or provided in vending machines, in school stores or as part of school fundraisers.  School funraisers include foold sold by school administrators or staff (principals, coaches, teachers, etc.), students or student groups, parents or parent groups, or any other person, company, or organization.  This policy does not restrict what parents may provide for their own child's lunch or snacks, however they may not provide food items to other children at school meals.