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Meet the Teacher


Meet the Teacher

Google Classroom and Drive-thru

Monday, August 17th 

Google Meets for Meet the Teacher:



10:00-11:00-Life Skills




10:00-11:00- 1st grade: 


11:00-12:00- 2nd grade


12:00-1:00- 3rd grade


Dual Language:


1:00-2:00 4th grade


Dual Language: 


2:00-3:00 5th/6th grade

5th Grade: 
6th grade:



Drive-thru Meet the Teacher: 

4:00-5:30 Information 

Come and meet all of the South Teachers! We will have tables with signs stationed around the school. Please stay in your car. Teachers will handout student login cards and we will be here to waive at our students. 


Link information for the Google Meets will be posted on South’s webpage by Friday afternoon. Please check us out!