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Lee honors students with academic recognitions

We are so proud of our outstanding Lee students! Lee High School has recognized its students' academic achievement in a ceremony held in the library, which included Miles Baker, who was named a National Merit Commended Scholar. The following are the academic recognitions made during the event:

National Merit Commended Scholar

  • Miles Baker

Advanced Placement Scholar with Honors

  • Ishita Neeraj
  • Luis Ornelas
  • Logan Vicknair

Advanced Placement Scholar with Distinction

  • Mark Matis

Advanced Placement Scholars

  • Miles Baker
  • Christopher Carrasco
  • Ian Crowl
  • Sathvik Deme
  • Gideon Mitcham
  • Jordan Pennell
  • Rebecca Reed
  • Tara Shannon
  • Brianna Woods
  • Christian Wray