Contact: Woodrow Bailey, Director of HR/Communications, 432-240-1809

    Midland ISD is focused on the mission of educating all students. Our students remain our number one priority. Any potential concern is taken very seriously and at times decisive action is required. This has always been our practice and will continue to be our practice regardless of the circumstances. We will always be proactive when it comes to our Midland ISD family. 

    The Midland ISD Board of Trustees and district administration is aware of the national conversation surrounding confederate symbols. This issue continues to be highly sensitive and people on both sides are very passionate about their beliefs. It is our belief that the Lee High School band students represent a diverse student population. There are also parents of students who participate in band, who are on both sides of this issue. However, even though they differ in opinions, they are united in their belief that academics and student achievement are paramount to their child’s success.  Students should not be put in the middle of an argument where there are no winners.

     The principal and district administrators support the decision to discontinue the incorporation of the song “Dixie” into Lee High School’s actual fight song “On, On, Rebels.” The decision is based solely upon keeping students participating in the Lee High School band safe at home and on the road. Students did not join the band to make a political statement but they chose to participate to showcase their talents and musical abilities in a safe and productive environment. That choice will be protected. Campus and district administrators will continue working to ensure that the rich, winning history of the Lee High band program continues.

    The Lee High School band will continue to play the well-known and revered fight song “On, On, Rebels!” in its entirety.