• After School Information

    After School Program 

    So that our program can run as efficiently and effectively as possible, the following guidelines for participation in the after school program have been implemented.
    Sign-ups for the after school program are available on the Bowie website during registration periods. 

    ***When students are picked up before the 4:40 dismissal, parents will need to sign out their student in the front office. Students who are picked up early six times during the twelve week period will be dismissed from the after school program.


    *** Students who are picked up after 5:00 three times during a 12 week session will be excluded from the program for the remainder of the twelve week session. 

    Dismissal Procedures 

    ***Students who are scheduled to be picked up at 3:45 but are not picked up by 4:00 will be placed in the office. The parent will need to park, come into the building and pick up their child. 

    Students in grades third through sixth and students who walk home, will dismiss through the doors on “B” Street. Students in grades K- second and their siblings will dismiss through the doors on “A” Street for both dismissal times. 

    Do not park across the street and walk across the middle of the street to get to the school side. Even if you are with your child, this sets a bad example for the rest of our students. Crosswalks are located at both ends of Elk. Do not encourage your student to walk across a traffic lane to get to your car. Instead, STAY IN YOUR CAR AND GO THROUGH THE PICK-UP LINE. If everyone follows appropriate procedures, all students will be safe.