The Midland Young Leaders Challenge with General Tommy Franks offers students the opportunity to learn and practice critical skills that will help mold them into tomorrow's leaders. Participants are eligible for $6000 in scholarships that accompany the program, and can advance to the national leadership conference. The Young Leaders Challenge celebrates the legacy of Tommy Franks who grew up in Midland and became a military hero. Franks achieved the rank of a four star general during his decorated Army career, which included many honors, including being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

    2021 Program Updates
    The Midland Young Leaders Challenge 2021 is currently scheduled for June 16-17, 2021. The deadline to apply is March 20, 2021. In addition, current high school seniors who met the deadline to apply for the original 2020 program will have their applications carried over to the 2021 program, where they will still be eligible to participate even if they have already completed high school. Those applicants will be contacted individually. 
    All current high school juniors (class of 2022) from Midland County, Texas, are eligible. This includes students from Midland ISD, Greenwood ISD, private schools and home school students.


    For more information and to apply visit MidlandYoungLeaders.com