• Midland Independent School District students will be assigned a district-owned device and Gmail account. The device and Gmail account are intended for educational purposes only and will be issued upon the parent/guardian’s signed acceptance of the Midland ISD District Network Acceptable Use Policy. Personal use of the device or Gmail accounts is strictly prohibited.

    Students will receive the following device:


    iPad, Power Adapter, and Case

    2nd – 12th

    Chromebook, Power Adapter, and Folio Case

    Students and their families are entrusted with the care of district-owned devices issued to them. In cases of damage, loss, or theft of technology equipment, students will receive an invoice covering the expenses for repairs or replacement. For a list of repair prices per part, please visit www.midlandisd.net/deviceprices. The Librarian/Media specialist for the campus will generate the invoice after Technology evaluates the necessary repairs. The student is required to comply at all times with the Midland Independent School District Network Acceptable Use Policy and the Student Code of Conduct. Failing to comply could result in losing possession of the device.

    The information within this document applies to the students of Midland ISD. Please note that campuses may set additional requirements for use.


    We have partnered up with Securranty to provide device insurance for any student device used. Parents can visit www.midlandisd.net/chromebookinsurance to visit the site. On the first step make sure to choose either Chromebook or iPad insurance, then fill the information out and pay at the end. 

    FAQs on insurance:
    1. Insurance will last one full year. This means if you purchase insurance on August 2nd, it will last until August 1st of next year.
    2. No policies can be filed until 30 days after insurance is paid. Any breakages that occurs during this time will not be covered by insurance.
    3. Parents will not file any claims for insurance. All claims will be filed by the Technology department. Students only need to let their teacher know so that a MISD technology work order is filed.