• The Bowie Big Dogs are a group of 6th-grade students who Ms. Lindzee Howard mentors. They represent the student voice at Bowie and are considered great leaders. Each student had to fill out an application and write an essay before they were selected. One of the duties of a Big Dog is to learn flag etiquette and to put and take down the flags every school day. They also partner with Keep Midland Beautiful and lead all the classes in an excellent recycling program. They make sure the outdoor library always has books. They help keep our school clean and beautiful! They monitor the hallways, and help the lower grade bulldogs when needed.  We are fortunate to have these great student leaders on our campus.  The list of all our Big Dogs for 2022-23 is written below. 


                          2022-23 Bowie Big Dogs  

    Arenzo Fusco Mangini, Adamariss Alvarado, Justin Barboza, Maddy Brito, Cady Hall, Bella Bermudez, Kamryn Lomeli, Jennecie Shores, Sophia Valdez, Maribel Reyes,  McKenzie Fleming, Aybree Salinas, Alyssa Crutchfield, Emmanuel Trujillo, Bryanna Welch, SaRiyah Crayton, Adalia DeLuna, Journey Mocksfield, Eden Madisodza, Lucero Mata