Physical Education Expectations and Policy

  • Bush Elementary School Physical Education Program  


    Teacher:  Anthony McCoy

    Email-   School phone number: 432-240-6300

    Physical Education is a vital part of a child’s educational endeavor. Bush Elementary School provides opportunities for all students. The purpose of our physical education program is to help students develop lifelong skills and knowledge of fitness, nutrition, and well-being through physical, mental, and social development.


     65% of the grade is based on Social-Emotional Development.  It is attained in Physical Education daily through team-building activities and friendly competitions that require self-concept, problem-solving, and cooperation. With positive interaction between teachers and peers, students develop the skills needed to socialize effectively in "real world" situations.

    35% of the grade is based on Movement and Knowledge


    If a student is ill, I request a written note from a parent/guardian that briefly explains the nature of the complication along with the date and the parents/guardian’s signature. After three days of excuses, I require a written note from an attending physician. This is a STATE GUIDELINE.



      1. Tennis shoes are worn on days for PE. We will not be changing shoes. 
      2. If you are wearing a dress, make sure there are shorts underneath it. 
      3. Water bottles with the student’s name already written on them need to be brought to PE classes.

    I sincerely appreciate your support and cooperation in assisting me to provide opportunities for your child. Please feel free to come to the gym to visit or contact me for further information. 


    Bush Elementary School (Kindergarten-6th Grade) 


    The District shall implement, in accordance with the law, a coordinated health program with 
    physical education and physical activity components and shall offer at least the State 
    recommended amount of physical activity for all grades. Elementary: 30 minutes per day, 135 
    minutes per week, or 225 minutes every two weeks. 

    In addition, the District shall establish the following goals for physical activity:
     Physical education courses will provide instruction that meets the Texas Essential 
    Knowledge and Skills and national standards. Adequate equipment is available for 
    all students, and safe, appropriate facilities are provided for physical education. 
     Physical education classes will regularly emphasize 50% of moderate to vigorous
     The District will encourage parents to support their student’s participation, to be
    active role models, and to include physical activity in family events.
     Frequent brain breaks are encouraged totaling 15-20 minutes a day.
     All students enrolled in physical education classes (3rd- 5th grade) will participate in 
    fitness testing using the state-approved assessment tool.
    Guidelines to Meet Goals:
     A variety of physical fitness activities will be offered to students on each campus. 
     Alternative disciplinary actions will be encouraged as opposed to limiting recess and 
    physical activity.
     All physical education courses will be taught by state-certified physical education 
    instructors who participate in professional staff development opportunities, which are 
    aligned with district requirements.
     Parents at the elementary level will be encouraged to set positive examples of nutrition
    eating habits and physical activities.
    Physical education classes will have a student/teacher ratio similar to others. Elementary 
    Maximum: 1 teacher to 44 students.