• General technology assistance: Email techhelp@midlandisd.net to generate a work order, or call the Help Desk at 432-240-1111

    Chromebook questions: Mike Lloyd (michael.lloyd@midlandisd.net) or D.J. Rambo (dj.rambo@midlandisd.net)

    iPads: Scott Vincent (scott.vincent@midlandisd.net)

    Hotspots: D.J. Rambo (dj.rambo@midlandisd.net) or Debbie Stephens (debbie.stephens@midlandisd.net)

    Questions about email: Mike Lloyd (michael.lloyd@midlandisd.net) or D.J. Rambo (dj.rambo@midlandisd.net)

    MISD Website questions: Bin Wang (bin.wang@midlandisd.net)

    Clever: Mike Lloyd (michael.lloyd@midlandisd.net)

    Technology training: Isabel Espinoza (isabel.espinoza@midlandisd.net) or Mark Patrick (mark.patrick@midlandisd.net)

    Technology purchasing: Socorro Corrales (socorro.corrales@midlandisd.net) or at 432-240-1102

    Network drops and clevertouch installation questions: Nick Stone (nick.stone@midlandisd.net)

    District cell phone assistance: Debbie Stephens at 432-240-1100

    Encrypted flash drive recovery: Chris Guynn (chris.guynn@midlandisd.net)

    Computer move questions: D.J. Rambo (dj.rambo@midlandisd.net)

    Office 365 questions: D.J. Rambo (dj.rambo@midlandisd.net) or Ann Ortiz (ann.ortiz@midlandisd.net)