• Greetings, parents!  

    Since the district WiFi upgrades are now functionally complete at every campus, the technology department wanted to reach out to communicate procedures for students to connect their devices.  To be certain not to disturb online testing schedules, certain areas, such as cafeterias, auditoriums, and gyms will have the final installations of WiFi equipment installed over the next two weeks, but campus Wifi is functioning well currently.

    There are two ways devices hook up to the WiFi at any location at MISD:

    1. "MISD": this is for any student personal devices. It will require students to login using their computer credentials:

    Username = student ID number

    Password = the default is the student’s lowercase last name, OR the last name adding enough zeros to make 8 characters

    Password example:

    • A student whose last name is Rodriguez will have a password of “rodriguez”, but a student with a last name of Smith will have a password of “smith000”.  These are the default password structures and students may have changed them.  A student needing assistance with a password can email "techhelp@midlandisd.net" or call the Parent Hotline at 240-1110.  The system will only allow a student to connect a maximum of one personal device to the Wifi.  For example, if a student’s phone is already connected, the same user will be blocked from connecting a personal tablet, laptop, watch, or other device at the same time.
    1. "MISD Devices": this is for all district-owned devices. All chromebooks should automatically connect to this one. For any issues with the internet on a school-owned device, check and make sure it is connected to this one. If not, please have the student ask the teacher to submit an Eduphoria work order so a PC technician can get it connected.

    If students still have issues connecting to the WiFi, they can reach out to us for assistance. They can email "techhelp@midlandisd.net" or call the Parent Hotline at 240-1110. On top of that, please share the following website with students with this information as well as resources on how to connect an Android device to the network: https://www.midlandisd.net/Page/35461