• Volun

    We love having volunteers at GFE. 

    Are you a parent of a GFE Cadet?

    ~Ask your child's teacher if their is anything that can be sent home with your child for you to assist with. Things like stapling pages, cutting out and prepping activities could be a big help to teachers. 

    Are you a member of PTA? It is easy to join and it supports efforts across our campus. 

    ~Our PTA is able to do some volunteer and support after school hours. There is also volunteer opportunities during school hours to fit anyone schedule. 

    Our PTA is very active on Facebook. Look them up and ask how you can help. You can also email them at: FranksPTA@midlandisd.net


    We are so thankful that Midland ISD started Community Literacy Tutors for elementary schools. Our tutor, Mr. Tally, is recently retired from the Oil & Gas business and is now helping our cadets in grades K-2 build their early reading skills. We hope we are able to grow this program during the 21-22 school year. 


    Ways you can volunteer off of campus: 

    Send notes of encouragement to staff

    Ask if there is any cutting, sorting and prep work that can be done outside of school 

    Ask if there is anything you can do to help teachers after hours, on campus, when students are home.

    Offer to help with classroom rewards: Students who meet their goals in reading and math, students increasing their reading levels, students scoring meets and masters on their exams.