• Summer 2020


    Welcome to Midland ISD's Summer 2020 homepage! Check out the options below, then decide what pathways work for you and your child.

    Pathway 1: Summer Camps

    Thank you so much for registering in the First Annual MISD Summer Enrichment Camps!  We are excited to virtually meet you!  We have approximately 615 campers and are working diligently to get you placed with your Camp Counselor!  You will receive an email from your Camp Counselor on Monday, June 1 to welcome you and provide more information.  Don't forget, camp starts Monday, June 8, at 8:30 AM, finishes at 10:00 AM, and will meet daily through Thursday, June 11.    

    It's going to be a GREAT week!  Be sure as you learn and explore, to use #misdsummercamp on social media!
    See you all VERY soon!

     Pathway 2: Summer Resources

    Who: All students are welcome to participate
    What: High-quality instructional resources are being provided on behalf of the Texas Education Agency (TEA) that allow students the opportunity to participate in activities to continue their learning throughout the summer.  These activities will not be graded and are optional for families to use as they see fit.  Please note that Google Classroom support from teachers will not be available during the summer months for Pathway 2 students. 
    When: Online resources will be available beginning June 8. Paper packets, if ordered by the home campus, will arrive by US mail to home addresses in early June.
    Where: Virtual Learning

    Pathway 3: Summer Support

    Who: Students in grades 2-8 who received less than a 70 in reading or math and 9-12 students who failed a course, especially English 1, English 2, Biology, Algebra I, or US History. 
    What: This pathway might be thought of as “traditional summer school”.  While participation is not mandatory, it is highly recommended for all students to be considered ready for the next grade level or course.  Failure to attend could require 9-12 students to retake courses in the fall and be forced to take the End Of Course (EOC)  exam associated with that course.  Campuses will contact ALL students that should plan to attend Pathway 3--Summer Support.  
    When: June 8 - 25
    Where: Virtual Learning








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