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    If you have been helping with your child's math homework you might be thinking, "Math is taught differently than how I learned it." Midland ISD teachers put together a parent guide to the essential skills we want students to learn in grades K-5th. We are proud that GFE had teachers on teams that created these. You can click on the link below to see the grade level essentials. Thank you to Wendy Devault, Elementary Math director, and her teams of teachers for creating this useful tool for our staff and families. 

    Remember that math facts for addition, subtraction, multiplciation and division are always great to practice at home. Dollar Tree stores have great flashcards for only $1! Also remember that our students can practice their math skills online with Imagine Math, Education Galaxy, or Prodigy. 

    Kindergarten Grade Math Goals

    1st Grade Math Goals

    2nd Grade Math Goals

    3rd Grade Math Goals

    4th Grade Math Goals

    5th Grade Math Goals