• Check in Poster


    1. Our doors will close at 7:44am as the tardy bell rings at 7:45a. Students are tardy if they are not in class at 7:45am. Our office staff will be at the front and back circle drive doors to check in students quickly until 7:50am.  Anyone arriving after 7:50am will need to report to the front doors to be checked in at the office. Be prepared with your ID to enter the building, walk to the office with your child and sign them in with our attendance clerk. 


    2. Parents will not enter the building to walk students to class. This is a safety precaution as our staff is on duty to greet students in carlines and do tardy check-ins. Parents walking their students to the exterior doors are welcome to say goodbye there. We will start processing visitors with visitor badges at 8am. 

    Checking out early: 

    1. All checkouts must be done before 2:30pm. School dismissses at 3:00pm and this last 40 minutes allows teachers & students to reflect and review on the days learning and clean up to prep for the next day. Please be mindful of your appointment times and this pickup cut-off time. 


    2. When you come to pickup your child you will park infront of the school on Parker St. 

    Come to the front doors and ring the door bell (there is a big sign above this door bell and a bench beneath). 

    Our attendance clerk will buzz you in. Pull the left side door and walk to the office. 

    *Students will be called to the office to meet you once you arrive. We will not call students out of class when you are on your way. *

    ~It is helpful that you alert the teacher that your child will leave early so they are about to prepare your child with anything they might be missing. This does not replace checking the student out of the office. 


    Checking out early on early release days. 

    1. Early Release days end at 12:30pm. No checkouts after 12:00pm on these days. 

    These days are fast & furious so we appreciate you being mindful of these checkout times. 

    The dates for early release for the 21-22 school year are: September 3rd, December 17th & May 27th.