• We invite our Cadet's family members to come and enjoy lunch with your student. Valid ID must be presented at check-in so that a Raptor Badge can be printed. Anyone who has been scanned in beginning August 2019 can call ahead to have a badge pre-printed. Parents can have badges pre-printed by calling 432-6500 or emailing: melva.ramos@midlandisd.net the Wednesday & Thursday before the event.

    You are more than Welcome to bring a lunch for your cadet. Remember that we are a Soda-FREE campus so please do not bring any sodas from outside establishment due to Federal Child Nutrition School Rules.


    September 13th- 10:30-1:00

    October 18th- 10:30-1:00

    December 13th- 10:30-1:00

    January 24th- 10:30-1:00

    March 27th- 10:30-1:00

    Family Friday