In an effort to make grades more reflective of student learning and prepare students for post-secondary education, we are piloting some grading changes in this course.  This new grading system is one that I developed for my previous campus and was adopted by several other campuses due to the success in increasing grading accuracy and providing students with the opportunity to receive more targeted instruction, tutoring, and opportunity for retakes.

    Read Dr. S Letter to Parents


    Here is a List of Teachers/PLC that will be piloting the new grading system for the Spring 2018:

    English 4—Mrs. Van, Mr. Boyce,  Mr. Villareal, Mr. Teel

    US History AP/Dual-Mark LaCroix,  Mrs. Wilson

    Chemistry-Mrs. Midgely, Mrs. DonJuan, Mrs. Rodgers, Mrs. Hudson, Mrs. Dirks, Mr. Poe, Mr. Telshow

    Environmental Systems- Mrs. Conley

    ESL- Mrs. Geronimo

    Latin-Mrs. England

    Spanish 3-AP- Mrs. Martinez

    Cosmetology-Mrs. Saenz

    English 2-Mrs. Ruales, Mrs. Hines, Mrs. Wall, Mrs. Thomas,

    Algebra 2- Mr. Bowler

    Physics- Mr. Kern, Mr. Calloway

    Gov/Eco-Mr. Rust, Mr. Tisdale