• Drop-off/Dismissal Procedures

    *To ensure student safety and in an effort to comply with MISD Police Dept. safety requirements, ALL cars are required to use the front lane for dropping off and picking up students. The north parking lot is strictly for staff and buses only*

    *Afternoon lines for pick up will not be allowed to block the pick-up lane any earlier than 3:20 pm.

    Morning Drop Off:

    • ALL cars that will be dropping students off in the front drive or off of Whitman Dr. must be in the lane closest to the sidewalk. It is illegal to drop a child off in the street.
    • Students may only be dropped off in the front drive. Parents who wish to walk with their child to class must park off Whitman St and report to the office for a visitor’s pass.
    • When pulling into the drive, cars MUST pull forward all the way up to the cafeteria doors as directed by the Santa Rita staff. Staff members will assist students from cars and direct them into the cafeteria doors. There will be a teacher from each grade level on duty with the students once they enter the building.

    Afternoon Dismissal:

    • Each family will be issued a family number on 2 cards. These cards must be placed on the visor or dash of any car that will be picking up students so that the card is easily visible to the Santa Rita staff. As numbers are received, students will be sent outside. A parent texting a child to go outside is strictly prohibited.
    • All parents are encouraged to remain in cars and use the pick-up lane. However, parents opting to park and pick up their child must line up at door to the BACK OF THE CAFETERIA. You must have the family number card. DO NOT park in the staff parking lot as this interferes with the school bus routes.
    • Students who walk home or ride a bus will be escorted by staff members to their bus or to a door in order to walk home. Students who walk home must walk to their home/apartment. No students are allowed to walk to a nearby corner to wait for a ride! This is an unsafe practice that has resulted in students being left alone, unsupervised, when families do not follow our policy!

    Crosswalk is required by all adults and students in the morning and afternoon! Please remember that these procedures were not put in place to inconvenience parents. They were put in place to keep our students safe. FAMILY NUMBERS WILL BE REQUIRED IN ORDER TO PICK UP STUDENTS THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR.