No U-turns or Cell Phone use in a school zone! 

    Morning Drop Off:

    *No more temperature checks effective Tuesday, September 15. Parents will assess their child at home.  Please do not bring students to school if they are showing any symptoms of COVID-19.  

    *Students may arrive at school beginning at 7:20 am and enter through cafeteria doors.  Front doors will open at 7:30 am.

    *Parents must remain in cars.  Students can exit on their own and also with staff assistance.   

    *Students may arrive on front drive or next to curb on Whitman Dr in front of campus ONLY.  Cars may not drop off in the middle of the street or in the staff parking lot.

    *Students should be seated in passenger side of vehicle (for everyone’s safety)

    *Cars MUST pull forward up to the cafeteria doors as directed by school staff

    Afternoon Dismissal:

    *Each family will be issued 4 copies of a Family Number. These cards must be placed on the visor or dash of any car that will be picking up students so that the card is easily visible to the Santa Rita staff. As numbers are received, students will be sent outside to the front pick-up lane or back cafeteria door.

    *All parents must remain in cars to use the front pick-up lane, or parents may park on Whitman Dr. and walk to the cafeteria back door (please line up next to the wall of the building so as not to crowd our students).  PLEASE DO NOT BLOCK THE BUS LANE.  Parents MUST present their Family Number after the first day of return.   

    *Parents of Life Skills students may line up in the front drop-off lane by 2:50 pm.  All other parents must line up where front drop-off lane begins (please do not enter the lane until directed by staff at 3:00 pm unless picking up a Life Skills student)

    *Back cafeteria door will close at 3:15 pm every day. Following that time, parents will need to drive through the front pick-up lane.

    *Students may NOT walk to the end of a street to be picked up by a parent.  This is unsafe!  Student walkers must walk to a home/apartment, not be waiting unsupervised on the street.