• ZPass Information

    To Parents and Caregivers of Greathouse Elementary Students:

    Midland ISD understands the safety of your child is a major concern and we strive daily to ensure the safety of your children in everything we do. In our continued efforts to protect your children, Midland ISD is excited to announce the implementation and rollout of a new ZPass Bus and Transportation Safety Program. This new Safety Program will aid the school district and parents in locating students riding on Midland ISD buses in a timely manner.

    A parent may elect to automatically receive this same ridership information for their children via text message, email, or both. ZPass has a Parent Application which works on a variety of electronic platforms and is free to all parents who elect to participate. Once a parent signs up for this free service, a parent can receive text notifications whenever their child swipes their ZPass ID when boarding or departing a bus. These text notifications will include the time and location of pickup or drop-off. Parents can also log in from a desktop computer or tablet to receive notifications.

    All transportation-eligible students will be required to wear or display their ZPass ID badge when boarding, riding, or departing a school bus. In the event a student loses their ID or it is damaged, they will receive an additional ZPass ID free of charge. If a student loses their ID, they will not be denied transportation; however they will need to obtain a replacement ID from the campus office in a timely manner. Student badges contain no personal student information.

    If you have any questions or concerns about this information, please do not hesitate to call our office at 432-240-6700. Please feel free to visit the ZPass website www.zpassplus.com to obtain more information concerning the ZPass bus safety program.

    Thank you,

    Brandy Copeland, Principal – Greathouse Elementary School