• Volunteers in Public School (VIPS)

    Why MISD Needs Volunteers

    The underlying benefit of having volunteers actively participate in an organized school program whether in the classroom or at a school function, is that these volunteers have a direct impact on the success of the educational system. School Volunteers can be extremely effective and a valuable vehicle for promoting a positive exchange between home, school and community.

    Benefits for the Students:
    - Enriched learning experiences
    - Opportunities for exploration
    - Additional individualized and personalized attention
    - Learning reinforcement
    - Increased motivation and improved self-concept
    - Positive adult role models
    - Increased understanding and utilization of real world applications
    - Hands-on participation of job shadowing/mentoring

    Benefits for the School:
    - Positive public relations and community support of education
    - Additional services without extra cost
    - More classroom resources
    - Realistic information about economics and business world
    - Improved student achievement, attitude and behavior
    - Parent! business community understanding and cooperation
    - Increased staff morale

    Benefits for the Community:
    - Better quality of education
    - A more responsive school system
    - Added pride and confidence in the educational system
    - One to one with future leaders, consumers, employees and citizens
    - Better educated students
    - Set the example of responsible citizenship

    Benefits for Volunteers:
    - One to one with future leaders, consumers and employees
    - Sharing knowledge, talents and resources
    - Knowing that you are needed and wanted
    - Improved relations with school and community
    - Providing active support for quality education
    - Motivation to enter the career field of education