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    Gianna Cerda
    Gianna Cerda

    Hi Parents! My name is Gianna Cerda and I am the nurse at GFE! The kids call me "Nurse G" and I am super excited to for this school year. I will be calling home and sending letters regarding vaccines that are not up to date at the beginning of the year. Please get these taken care of as soon as possible, the health department can get a little crazy this time of the year.

    If your children have any health concerns, please feel free to stop by my office and pick up paperwork and give me some more information. Remember, all medication (including cough drops) brought to school must be accompanied by a permission slip, in its original container and properly labeled with the students name. I strongly encourage parents to bring the medication here themselves and not let the students transport it. Controlled substances MuST be brought in by parent or guardian.

    I am always here if you have any questions or need anything, have a great year!

    Print this form to bring with any medication you want to keep at school.

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