**MISD dress code policy with additional guidelines will be followed. Please see www.midlandisd.net for more information***


    Must be smaller than 2 inches by 2 inches and are allowed on all types of apparel.

    Pants, Shorts, Skirts, and Jumpers
    • Must be khaki or navy in color. Bottoms can be shorts, skirts, pants or capri pants.
    • Cargo pants or cargo shorts are not allowed. Jumpers must be khaki or navy in color.
    • All bottoms must be no more than 3 inches above the knee and must be hemmed.
    • Shirts must be red, white, navy, gray or black.
    • Jeans will be allowed on Fridays with a spirit shirt or uniform shirt. Jeans must be blue/navy; colored jeans are not Cargo jeans are not allowed. Minimal embellishments smaller than 2 inches by 2 inches will be allowed on pockets only.
    • Polo dresses must be red, white, navy, black, or gray in color. White polo dresses must be worn with leggings.
    • Shirts must have a collar. Shirts may be long or short sleeved.
    • Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
    • College shirts, including college T-shirts, may be worn every Monday; however, these shirts must still be tucked in.
    Belts, Socks, and Tights
    • Black or brown belts are required in Grades 1-6 with all bottoms that have belt loops. Belts must be free of writing and decoration. Belt buckles may not be decorated. Belts that are attached to jumpers are allowed if they are the same color as the jumper.
    • Visible socks and tights must be either red, navy, white, black or gray. Patterns are acceptable on socks/tights/leggings as long as all are in the appropriate colors (example: navy and red striped tights would be acceptable, orange and white socks would NOT be acceptable).
    In the winter months students may wear
    • A solid red, navy, white, gray or black turtleneck, round or v-neck top with long sleeves under the polo or spirit shirt.
    • A red, navy, white, gray, or black solid colored sweater, sweater vest or cardigan.
    • Red, white, navy, black or gray leggings under uniform dresses, jumpers or skirts.
    • A red, navy, white, gray, or black solid jacket. Hoods may not be worn in the building. Large coats must be removed in the building.
    Special notes
    • Athletic shoes/tennis shoes are required for PE class. Students not wearing appropriate footwear in PE will complete a written assignment. This is for the safety of your child.
    • Athletic type or yoga type or lounge bottoms are not allowed.

    **Campus administrators will make the final decision on appropriateness of garments**