• School Supply List


    1      24 Count Crayola Crayons

    1      8 Count Crayola Washable Thin Classic Markers

    1      8 Count Set Prang Washable Watercolor

    1      Elmer’s School Glue 8 oz.

    6      Elmer’s Glue Sticks

    1      Spiral Notebook (please put your child’s name on the front cover)

    1      4 Pack Expo2 Low Odor Fine Tip Dry Erase Markers

    1      Kleenex Tissue Box

    1      1” Plastic Foldable Rest Mat

    1      Towel (bath or swim) to cover up at nap time

    1      Regular Size Backpack (no toddler size)

    1          Pair of Scissors

    1      Box Quart Ziploc Baggies (Boys)

    1      Box Gallon Ziploc Baggies (Girls)

    Wish List Items:

    1      Bottle of Hand Sanitizer

    1      Container Lysol wipes

    *** Please send a change of clothing including underwear, socks, pants

    and shirts labeled with the student's name in a zip lock bag.***


    2 packs Crayola Crayons

    1 pack Crayola markers

    2 bottles Elmer’s glue

    1 pack of 4 glue sticks

    1 school safety scissors

    2 spiral notebooks

    1 heavy-duty plastic folder with pockets and brads

    2 Expo (dry erase) markers, black

    1 pack pencils

    2 pink pearl erasers

    1 school box

    Wish List: 

    1 box sandwich bags

    1 box freezer bags

    1 canister Lysol wipes

    1 bottle of hand sanitizer

    2 boxes of Kleenex

    1st Grade

    1- white 1 inch 3 ring binder with pockets

    2-Packages of Ticonderoga #2 pencils (24 total pencils)

    1 blue, 1 yellow plain poly/plastic pocket folders with brads (plain without pictures or characters)

    4-Spiral notebooks (1-subject) in the following colors: 1 red, 1 green, 1 blue, 1 yellow (plain solid colors without pictures or characters)  

    2-Bottles of Elmer’s glue

    12- individual glue sticks

    4- Boxes of Crayola crayons

    1- Regular Size School box

    2-Pair of scissors

    2-Boxes of Kleenex


    1-Package of Primary Color Crayola washable markers

    1-Package of Crayola colored pencils

    1-Package (4ct.) of skinny black EXPO dry erase markers

    1-pair of headphones

    1 bottle of hand sanitizer

    1 package Clorox 

    Please do not label every item.  Teachers will label items for you. 

    Wish List: 

    1 packages of baby wipes

    1 package of Clothes pins

    1 package of bright white card stock

    1 - 1 box of gallon size ziplock bags

    1 - 1 box of quart size ziplock bags

    2nd Grade

    2 box of 24 count crayons                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

    2 packs of no. 2 pencils

    8 glue sticks

    1 pair of scissors

    1 red folder (plastic with brads)

    1 blue folder (plastic with brads)

    4 boxes of tissue

    6 composition notebooks

    1 box colored pencils

    1 box of markers

    1 set of earbuds or headphones

    1 40Fl. OZ. hand sanitizer

    1 supply pouch or pencil case

    1 container of Clorox wipes

    Wish list items:

    1 package wide-ruled notebook paper

    3rd Grade

    1- 2” /3 ring binder

     5- composition notebooks

     4- packages of pencils 

     1- box of 16 count Crayons 

     1- box of Markers or Colored 


     1- glue bottle 

     1- package of glue sticks 

     1- package of dry erase markers  

     2- packages of loose leaf 

                 notebook paper

     1- pair of scissors 

    Wish List Items 

     1- supply pouch or case to store 


     2- boxes of tissue

     1- container of Clorox or Lysol 


     1- bottle of hand sanitizer 

     1- set of earbuds or 


    4th Grade

    1 1 ½” clear view binder

    1 set 5 tab dividers

    1 5-subject college rule spiral

    3 college rule composition notebooks

    Ticonderoga #2 pencils

    2 black Expo markers

    2 highlighters

    5 Elmer glue sticks

    1 large pencil bag

    3 boxes of tissues

    Hand sanitizer

    2 sets of ear buds

    1 pkg cap erasers

    5th Grade

    6- composition notebooks

    ( Math, Imagine Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies)  

    1 - 3” 3-Ring binder OR Trapper-Keeper* (zipper binder)

    4 - packages of notebook paper

    3- paper pocket folders

    1- pencil bag with supplies:


                 mechanical pencils

                 glue sticks


                 colored pencils


    1- package of Expo dry erase 


    2- pairs of earbuds


    1- package of colorful pens

    Classroom Supplies

    3 boxes of Kleenex

    Clorox wipes

    Hand Sanitizer

    Supplies that are bolded will be kept in the classroom.

    **Please label ALL supplies with your student’s name. 

    ** Students will be utilizing lockers to keep classrooms clear of backpacks

    6th Grade

    1  2” Ring Binder

    2  Spiral Notebooks

    4  Composition Notebooks

    1  Ruler

    4  Glue Sticks

    1  Pair of Scissors

    2  Box of Colored Pencils

    1  Personal Pencil Sharpener

    4  Packages of Wide Ruled Notebook Paper

    4  Boxes of #2 Pencils

    4  Large Boxes of Kleenex

    2  Packages of Markers (No Sharpies, please)

    2  Folders with Brads and Pockets

    2  Sets of Earbuds

    4  Highlighters

    4  Packages of Lined Index Cards (3X5 inches)

    1  Package of Construction Paper

    Wish List:  Items we would like to have if possible:

    2  Containers of Sanitizer Wipes

    2  Bottles of Hand Sanitizer

    1  Can of Disinfectant Spray