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  • "We remain resolute in our belief that response to intervention (RTI) is our best hope to provide every child with the additional time and support needed to learn at high levels. RTI's underlying premise is that schools should not delay providing help for our struggling students until they fall far enough behind to qualify for special education, but instead should provide timely, targeted, systematic interventions to all students who demonstrate the need." (Buffum, Austin G., Mike Mattos, and Chris Weber. Simplifying response to intervention: four essential guiding principles. Bloomington, IN: Solution Tree Press, 2012. Print.)

    Midland ISD Response to Intervention (RTI) is an early intervention framework that addresses potential challenges individual students may face that could affect their success in school and their potential to graduate ready for college, career or military. 

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    Jessica Martinez

    RTI & At-Risk Coordinator

    Response to Intervention Office
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