• Dress Code

    GFE is not a uniform campus.

    We adhere to the Midland ISD Dress & Grooming guidelines located in the student handbook with additional guidelines put into place by our partnership between GFE parents, our PTA & Campus Leadership.

    Below is our Quick Look guide for our campus dress code. We hope that this will clarify any questions you may have. If you have additional questions please contact the office at 432-240-6500.

     Dress code  


    Updated 7/23/2020 for Midland ISD Schools 

    Response to Uniforms during the COVID Pandemic

    While GFE is not a uniform (aka standard dress) campus we wanted to share this news with our school community as other campuses that our families attend might be affected with this decision. 

    "As many of our families are encountering a range of struggles financially as well as the challenges in actually "shopping" during COVID-19, campuses will extend grace and flexibility in the first semester in requiring students to wear "uniforms" or adhere to the Standard Attire requirements. Second semester (spring 2021), as students return to school more regularly, we will plan for Standard Attire to be a campus expectation. We will monitor this throughout the year."