• Fall 2021-2022 Bus Riding Information

    Any student who will be riding a bus from the 349 area in the morning or the afternoon will need to have this form filled out so they can be placed on a bus.

    Click HERE to FILL OUT THE 2021-2022 BUS RIDER FORM 

    Our goal is to have all students placed on a permanent bus as soon as possible. We will use the first few days of school to practice bus procedures and safety. Thank you for filling out the form ASAP so we can get a head count on our campus needs. This is first come first serve form and our buses do fill up quickly as our neighborhoods are growing rapidly. 

    Mrs. Farrell, our assistant principal, must be notified if you are wanting to put your child on the bus for this year. We keep a roster of bus riders and supply backpack tags to easily organize our afternoon riders. Please email amanda.farrell@midlandisd.net or call 432-240-6506 if you need to request regular bus transportation for your child after the school year starts. The Google Form will still need to be filled out. If your child will be riding a daycare bus we need to know that information from their classroom teacher. Please keep us updated if your transportation plan changes throughout the year.

    Due to safety and increasing numbers of students on buses we are not able to place students on a bus for a single ride one day or every once in a while. Our bus riders are students who will be riding the bus consistently in the mornings, afternoons or both. Bus safety & behavior contracts will be signed by each student for the 2021-2022

    A few basic rules on the bus: No eating or drinking is allowed on the bus. Students will sit in their designed seat, feet and bodies out of the aisles, facing forward in the same manner students ride in their own family vehicle. Buses are equipped with video and audio cameras. Students who are not complying with bus safety rules can be removed from the bus for a period determined by campus admin. MISD buses are for riders who ride consistently, there will be no courtesy or convenience rides granted. Primary grade students (K-2) will not be left at the bus stop without a responsible party there to take them home or an older student to walk them home. if this occurs the small child will be taken to MISD transportation barn, MISD police will be contacted and you will have to pick them up from the designated location.

    Updated GFE Bus Transportation Timeline 2021-2022 will be placed on our website and emailed to parents as soon as it is available for the 2021-2022 school year.