"What's Our Plan? for

    "What's Your Plan?"

    Sophomore year is an excellent time to really start thinking about the future and what life can look like after high school.  Students will use online resources such as Reality Check and My BIG Future to begin thinking about their interests, skills, and activities that they excel in.  We will prompt students to begin to ask themselves what are their favorite subjects at school?  What are their favorite hobbies and activities at school, home, and within the community?  We  will then begin to ask students to use career resources (and the education required for the career) to help them plan for the career and education that they feel would best match their interests and talents.


    Counselors will meet with students to review 4 year plans and personal graduation goals. In October, we will use Generation Texas Week! to focus attention on opportunities for students after high school. Resources found here will be used for facilitating college and career planning in the classroom.



    Grade 10 Student Planning

    Grade 10 Student Planning - Spanish

    College Board Components of Counseling

    Texas College and Career Readiness Standards



    Texas OnCourse

    CollegeBoard- Educator Resource Center

     Advisor Toolkit- Texas Genuine