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    In kindergarten through fifth grades, we will work with students on career exploration. We will also work with student's teachers to lead monthly lessons related to Personal/Social Development (including character education), Academic Skills (including study skills and organization) and Career Planning (including preparing for College). Additionally, we will meet with students individually and in group sessions.

    All teachers and campus staff will participate in Generation Texas Week! in October. Staff can utilize the resources found here to facilitate college and career planning.

    Here are 10 important career skills our students can develop during their elementary years:

    1. Identify their interests, likes, and dislikes.

    2. Describe their strengths and talents.

    3. Demonstrate positive behaviors and personal characteristics, such as honesty, dependability, responsibility, integrity, and loyalty.

    4. Recognize that one should accept responsibility for one’s behavior.

    5. Interact with others in a fair, helpful, and respectful way.

    6. Recognize that people have many life roles and that these need to be balanced.

    7. Demonstrate study skills and good learning habits.

    8. Be able to set goals and work toward achieving them.

    9. Describe different ways to make decisions.

    10. Recognize a variety of skills that are important for success in school and work, such as communicating, critical thinking, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills.

    These skills cover some of the most important indicators included in the National Career Development Guidelines for the awareness developmental stage.



    College Board Components of Counseling

    Texas College and Career Readiness Standards



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