MISD Key Communicators
    Who are Key Communicators?

    Key Communicators is a panel of opinion leaders that will complete an in-depth, interactive study of MISD. They will experience a “behind the scenes” look at district programs and people. They are parents, business people, retirees – anyone who wants an opportunity to become familiar with the school system and each other. Keys also share ideas and concerns with the school district.

    Keys serve as spokespersons for their school communities and are strong supporters of a good public school education system for the children of our community.

    Why does Midland ISD have a Key Communicators network?
    Public schools serve the people of the community. The Midland Independent School District has a responsibility to interpret the educational program to the community, to seek advice from the community, and to represent, to the greatest possible extent, the aspirations of the community for its children.

    The Key Communicators strive to be effective liaisons between our schools and the community at large. We are committed to increasing understanding between our stakeholders, our schools, and the administration.

    *Meet regularly with school district representatives to learn more about Midland Independent School District

    *Meet regularly with school district representatives to share questions and/or concerns voiced in the community

    *Work to communicate to our families and friends school issues that affect us all

    *To become better informed about public education in Midland by participating in information/discussion sessions held throughout the year, and by reading materials circulated to Keys during the school year.

    *The recipients are expected to share information with their colleagues and neighbors and offer feedback to district administrators. If participants" only involvement is to hear district information, then the full benefits of communication are halted.

    *To refer parents to the most appropriate contact(s) within the district in response to their individual needs for information or to resolve concerns.

    *To provide individual feedback and input, as requested, on district issues and activities.

    Interested in becoming a Key Communicator? Call us at 240-1372 or email anita.gamertsfelder@midlandisd.net

    Upcoming meeting dates:

    February 6, March 5, April 2, May 7