• Welcome to Abell Athletics!

                The coaching staff at Abell Junior High would like to welcome you and congratulate you on your decision to become a part of the outstanding tradition of athletic and academic success at Abell Junior High. Abell girls' athletics as a class will have volleyball, basketball and track & field. The boys athletic class will be for football players. We also have a separate class for tennis, a cross country team that will practice before school  and a soccer team that will practice after school. There is also an athletic skills class for boys and girls. This is a class that will focus on weight training, agility and fundamentals for current and upcoming Abell sports.  I hope the attached links will provide you with any information you are looking for. 

    Football: September-November

    Volleyball: September-October

    Cross Country: September- October

    Tennis: September- November & February- May

    Basketball: November-February

    Track & Field: February- April

    Soccer: April-May