Welcome to Abell Athletics!




    Abell athletics and sports teams are for the leaders of Abell. Athletes are expected to pass all of their classes each 6 weeks, maintain exceptional behavior and be role models to the other students on campus. Each of these sports will push you physically, mentally and emotionally. Being apart of this program is a true privilege and can be taken away if you fail to uphold all expectations. It is truly an honor to be called an Abell Athlete.  



    Football: September - November

    Volleyball: September -October

    Cross Country: September- October

    Tennis: September - November and February - May

    Basketball: November-  February

    Track & Field: February - April

    Soccer: April-  May

    Swimming: August - May


    Link to ABELL Athletics GEAR page https://abellathletics2020.itemorder.com/sale?read_message=true&fbclid=IwAR3YB3jjpamtLvWLP6_VHAG8tFcWwsKIIgDhJ0GjJqw1mWRXUT1ZqbJ2aLQ


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