Mathworks Enrichment Summer Math Camp

    Houston Elementary

    8:00 – 12:00 ( M – F)

    June 11 – June 22, 2012

    Application in English


    The Texas Mathworks Enrichment Summer Math Camp is a 2-week program for students going into grades 5 through 8.  The first-year program introduces students to beginning concepts in algebra through play-acting and drama (dramathics). The Level 2 and 3 programs are a more advanced program in problem solving and discrete math.  Students enjoy exploring problems together and share in the excitement of mathematical exploration and discovery.


    Level 1:  The Mathematical Mystery Tour

    Topics include: beginning algebra, positive and negative numbers, absolute value, variables, expressions,and inequalities.

    • Using math dramas, students encounter a conflict whose resolution requires using the mathematical idea being studied.  Students learn new mathematical ideas while having fun acting and working together in groups.

    Level 2:  MathQuest

    • Topics Include:  Cartesian plane, functions, fractions, equivalent fractions, and decimals.
    • MathQuest is the name of the hot air balloon that carries Math Explorers through a series of explorations, each requiring the mastery of a new topic to complete.  This level also incorporates dramatics, as students relate the mathematics learned to real-life situations.

    Level 3:  Math Explorations

    Topics include: algebra, graphs, measuring angels, triangles, straight lines, coordinate geometry, and applications with an emphasis on problem solving.

    • The drama activities from Levels I and Level II are gradually replaced by hands-on models that students build for each new mathematical idea.


    Breakfast and lunch will be provided daily. Transportation from elementary campuses will be available as well.

    This is our third year to hold the Mathworks Summer Camp.  The Junior Summer Math Camp curriculum is co-authored by Dr. Max Warshauer, Ms. Hiroko Warshauer, and Dr. Terry McCabe from the Mathematics Department at Texas State University.


    Application in English